When a tree is cut down, it leaves behind a stump which eventually decay and rot but it takes a lot of time not to mention an attractive spot for carpenter ants. Getting rid of tree stumps is no easy task. In the old days, farmers used to set fire to them or relied on their horses or bulls to pull them. Now a number of methods are available for this purpose

The methods for removal of the tree stump depends what kind of stump you are dealing with type, size etc. When a wood is hard, it is easier to grind. When the wood is soft, its chip size is bigger resulting in a heap of wood chips.

Stump Removal with Chemical:

You can find numerous chemicals available at garden centers which help in the quick decay of a dead tree stump because of potassium nitrate in them, which accelerates the decaying.

It’s a procedure of drilling holes in the stump and then filling them with a mix of chemical and water. It is left to work for a long period of time months even. As a result of chemicals, the wood becomes soft which can be easily cut with an axe.

Stump Removal with Stump Grinder:

A mechanical way to remove tree stumps is with the help of a tree stump grinder. A safety gear is important while using this long sleeves, pants and something to protect your eyes with.

The stump grinder has a saw like cutting blade in circular form which literally chews the stump about 6-12 inches under the surface of the ground. Make sure that there are no rocks or debris around the stump.

This grinder performs from side to side and cuts 3-inches of stump with each stroke. You can get the machine on rent at some garden store or find yourself a landscaper to help you out with it.

Manual Stump Removal:

Digging or manual stump removal is done for small trees which tend to have shallow roots. If the tree stumps is not large in size, you can dig it out yourself.

You will need a shovel, an axe, root saw and also loppers. All you need to do is expose the roots and then cut them up with the suitable tools and pull it right out the ground. First of all, dig a ditch around the stump and reveal as many roots as you can. Try not to harm your cutting blade. Then use your axe to loosen up the soil around and pry the roots loose from all the sides until all of it is freed.

Make sure that the trench is not dug too close to the stump but should be wide enough.

Stump Removal with Fire:

It is the easiest way. Sometimes scrap wood is burned on top of a stump to burn it all out. Other way is to drill holes with a diameter drill and fill the holes with fuel oil or kerosene. When it is soaked completely after a week or two drop one match into each hole.

After a long time of smoldering, there will be nothing but a charred hole. Make sure you take safety measures before that.

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